eSun PLA+ White Adhesion

I used the entire roll of red eSUN PLA+ that I bought (first filament, and I’m not good enough yet to care about color). The white looked like a good candidate for the second purchase. I cannot get this stuff to stick to the bed of the printer. It is super clean and has been cleaned multiple times with 99% IPA. The bed looks perfect.

I haven’t tried pumping the printing temperature up from the 240 I found for the red PLA+ from eSUN, but thinking that might have to be next. I tried bed temps from 50-90 in 5 degree jumps with the octopus print today and every one came loose from the bed. Anything else someone thinks I should try next?

The additives used to create white filament often require a different setup from other colors of the same filament type. Temperature, speed, Z-offset, and others may need to be adjusted. Try those two first and then let us know if you still can’t get it to stick.

265 starting temp 255 printing seems to be helping. What I’m printing is huge so that’s helping, but some of it already contracted and came loose. I might try 275, 265 next time, I don’t know why I have to use such crazy temps, i’m wondering if it’s because I live at 7100ft altitude.

Bed temperature may also have to be changed. What were you using for red? If you raise the bed temperature then the nozzle temperature may not need to go up so much.

You might also need an enclosure although PLA (and PLA+) normally don’t need one.

I’m at 6760ft in Colorado Springs, where are you located?

I was using 75 starting 70 with the red. I tried all the way up to 90 for bed and it wasn’t sticking. I’m in Flagstaff Arizona, my house is higher than town by a fair bit even.

I do not have an enclosure, but have been looking at buying one. It might help from what I heard from someone who runs a farm of 3D printers for parts in town.

I tried bumping the bed temp up to 80, 85, 90, 95 and the hotter I went the quicker the first layer came loose. I also tried upping the printing temp more, but things are coming out bumpy and I can tell the filament is too hot. Will try some more things, but I may be putting this in a storage case and ordering another color.

I am certainly no expert but when I am having trouble getting the print to adhere to the bed I start with some glue stick on the bed to help adhesion, and make sure the Z offset allows the first layer to get “pressed” onto the bed. I think this often referred to as “squish” meaning the material is pressed firmly to the bed, so much so that the material squishes out as it is extruded. Measuring the thickness of the first layer as well as simply observing out it is laid down will provide additional clues. If the first layer is nearly round it’s a good bet it’s not getting pressed firmly to the bed. The actual thickness of the first layer should be less than the program thickness…if the initial layer is programmed to be 0.5 mm the actual measured thickness should be more like 0.4 or so indicating a good squish and good adhesion.

Here’s what I’m getting right now. The first image is the bottom of the print, the second is the top. The top is fine, the bottom is a mess. The bottom is also warped and sections peeled up from the bed. I tried using Dawn dish soap on the entire plate, and then scrubbing with IPA afterwards. It didn’t seem to make much difference. I don’t have a glue stick to try, but there was some on this printer when I got it (it was second hand) and nothing stuck to the gluestick either. Starting to run out of ideas. I tried print temps as high as 275 starting 265 printing and it just got stringier and didn’t stick. I’m already running -.85 z, I don’t know how much more I can go without potentially scraping the nozzle on the plate, I’m thinking maybe a couple more notches.

Edit: Is this my problem? Every video I can find of a TAZ printer the bed surface does not look like this:

My bed is SUPER shiny and smooth, literally glass. Did someone remove the PEI or whatever is supposed to be on here? This printer is second hand.

Edit2: The printer included the magnetic OctoGrab plate in the box, but not the magnetic bed part. (I didn’t know what the extra plate was until I started Googling). I also ran a print with the Octograb plate just sitting on the bed I have, and the stuff stuck like I glued it on there. This is infuriating to me that I was this stupid and missed this. I would love confirmation, but I’m 99% the previous owner of this printer peeled the PEI layer off the glass bed, and this is why everything I print doesn’t want to stick…

After using the OctoGrab plate taped to my plate, I’ve ordered a new sheet of PEI. /thread

Yeah, that glass is way too shiny to still have a PEI sheet on it. Apply a new PEI sheet and you should get much better results.

Flip it over. The beds are normally glass on one side & PEI on the other.

Although… you can always print to the glass side by using PVA (Elmer’s glue stick). I use a product called MagiGoo. I normally just use the glass side of the bed.

The bed seemed to be stuck to the heating element, but I didn’t try very hard to separate them. I did order a new sheet of PEI though. I’ll see if I can get the heating element and glass separated tonight.

Edit: after using the OctoGrab plate taped onto my bed, I’m pretty sure I could just throw a roll of filament at the PEI and it would stick.

My TAZ 6 bed is glass with a PEI sheet stuck on one side and the heater element stuck on the other side. It is not reversible.

Yup, the ones that look red like that are not reversable. The heater element is glued to the back of the glass.

My new PEI and an enclosure are going to be here tomorrow. After printing on this plate just taped to my bed, I can’t believe I got anything to stick previously. I was printing straight on glass….