Adhering problem

Hi! I’m back and with a new problem. So my filament is no adhering to the bed and it’s causing nozzle problems. It’ll drag the filament and then bunch up on the nozzle. Any suggestions?

While the details of your configuration are fresh in your mind, we are not omnipotent so the only suggestion we have is please give us the details in writing. What printer, what firmware, what tool head, what filament, what temperatures, what slicer settings, etc.

Thanks! I tried to upload pictures but couldn’t.
Newest marlin frameware
Temp of bed is 60 and PLA is 200 I believe
I’m not sure of the slicer.
Tool head is SE|.5mm
Filament is - Polymaker PolyLite PLA White - 2.85mm

And I start to notice the issue when it’s doing to the brim on the left side of bed, before it when gets to the actual print

I once had a similar problem with my Lulzbot mini. I gave the build plate a good cleaning with 91% IPA, let it dry and then very lightly sanded the surface with 2000 grit sand paper applying almost no pressure at all to the sand paper: just brushing the plate surface. Thereafter, I have not experienced non-adhesion problems with PLA. You might like to try PETG, it is a much better polymer than PLA and sticks easily to the build plate. So much so that I often use a wipe of the glue stick so that the PETG does stick too much!