I just download the latest 2.6.69 Cura LE which include many filament profiles. I would like to test reference profiles however I cannot find any for the eSUN (PLA+) buy

Lulzbot website ( include many profiles, but are for early version of Cura LE and cannot be import in the latest version.

I’m newbie with this printer/software but has been using Makerbot few years.

Lulzbot guys suggest a profile for eSUN filaments? or just not suggest to use it at all (due to is not included on the release)?

Thanks for any comments

I would suggest loading the village plastics profile and print at 205C. That should give you a good starting point to tune from.

nopick, thanks for the suggestion.

I never perform a tuning before. I think is time to start with. I will take a look to these nice guides: A Strategy for Obtaining Great Prints (, Strategies for Resolving Print Artifacts (

I think a lot of folks are using eSUN PLA+ due to it’s low cost. I’ve been using the Verbatim (PLA) settings, and generally works OK.

Is there anyone that has a “Fully Tuned” material profile they can share? Would be helpful if we can get one attached to the thread.