Cura 2.6.52 Can't find the ESUN filiment profiles

I have some Lulzbot ESUN HIPS and PLA that I have not used. When I installed 2.6.52 I no longer see those filament profiles. I did uninstall my previous version so if others see it, that’s likely why I lost it. Could someone give me the specs. so I can build the profiles in 2.6.52?

Hello J.D.

We stopped restocking Esun PLA a little bit over a year ago. As such we had no way to test profiles and make updates when we transferred to the new Cura. Looking over the previous profiles in Cura 21.08, the Polylite PLA and Esun PLA profiles were almost identical. Go ahead and give your Esun PLA a try with the Polylite PLA profile. It should be a great starting point, and shouldn’t require many (if any) tweaks.

The HIPS profile should be compatible with Esun as well, although that one may take a couple of tweaks for you.