Expectations of the next lulzbot Taz

For starters for any new taz of the future release if any I like what the lulzbot mini 3 has Execpt it does not acecpt usb or cards (note as many of that & the following would be perfect)

Also I want everything good about the taz workhorse
But with more metal axis parts (including the cable chain links) for longer durability as well as tougher insulation on the cords
A cubic foot build space & weighs no more then 15 pounds

A print job receipt record for security reasons

A magnetic bed That is interchangeable with glass beds

A 72 hour power save

Higher speeds

Easier to change toolheads particularly the screws for the toolheads are more visable
Both sizes of filament

Always perfect layer

A Wi-Fi cloud login as a option preferably at Least 100 gigs

Compatible with any Chromebook , Microsoft, IPad or MacBook

Notifications when the 3DPrint is done options for email or text

Interchangeably beds from cubic foot to 2 feet long

A smallest footprint with the same build

More affordable (prices similar to a lulzbot mini)

Easier to change filament

Straight out of the box 3DPrint like the lulzbot mini

Option for parental controls

Touch screen

More affordable toolheads

Spring loaded filament detector

A circuit breaker instead of a fuse

Error alerts

Electric load cell Induction axis end switches