What I expect out of future lulzbots

Nothing wrong with a mini 2 but it was but it’s from a different time then 3DPrinters like a mk4 what I want includes such as usb A & USB C so you can both plug it in or insert a thumb drive
The other things is speed , a touch screen , always perfect first layer , Wi-Fi connection a power save that will remember where it left off if there is a back up these are examples as well as higher removable disc capacity acceptance
One of the problems I have with the mk4 is for 1) It’s not as long of a lifespan as a lulzbot which a mk4 only has 14 000 hours before you need to change the motherboard
One more feature I would like to see is a circuit breaker instead of a fuse

Quieter would also be wonderful.


True but this is a list of ideas

When I visited the Lulzbot booth at the Rocky Mountain Rep Rap Festival back in April, they displayed a prototype of a Mini 3 with color touch screen and WiFi.

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They said we’d be hearing about it in a couple months, they were just working on the marketing.

Unless they make a big break from the normal pricing, marketing is trying to figure out how to make it sound competitive to other speedy coreXY printers that have been out just over a year.

I’d still be happy if lulzbot made a Voron 2.4 “lulzbot edition” that is compatible with the universal toolhead system, well-supported with a warranty and well-put together print profiles for Cura 5.4, and the proper green accent pieces. It meets the open-source mentality that has kept Lulzbot supported by the community, and wouldn’t take years of R&D. Bonus points if it has a good dual extruder.

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How were they leveling the bed on that one? Strain gauge or Bl Touch?

Okay I will keep that in mind definitely will wait for that to be released

The best video I’ve seen is here: RMRRF RECAP PART 1 #3dprinting #rmrrf - YouTube

The leveling method is not shown, but it doesn’t have the metal washers. All the tests of various bed leveling sensors come down to that the standard deviation of all sensors is less than 10% of a typical layer height, so they’re all good enough for FDM.

The CAN-BUS setup definitely looks like a good way to go though. I mean, everything about the Mini3 looks good, but for what I typically do, I’d rather their “Viking” internal build CoreXY machine.

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It was using the BL Touch, I forgot to mention that in my original reply. Definitely an upgrade over the corner washer business.

I understand people like BL touch but they do not last as long as electric induction leveling

The rare earth magnets used in the octograb plate make induction leveling impossible. The simple sheet magnets are ok, but those do not hold up to the higher temperatures that LuzBot machines are made to handle.

I suppose that eventually the BLTouch will wear out, but it’s something measured in years, so it may need 1-2 replacements over the useful lifetime of the machine.

I’m interesting in changing from BLTouch to a IR sensor, if only to regain a servo control port for other purposes.

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IR I understand but so so much the button sensors like the BL touch

The BLTouch isn’t a button sensor. It’s a hall effect sensor on a stick with a mini servo system to store and deploy it.


Kind Sir I am appreciate the correction but I like the current leveling more unless it’s magnetic instead of inductive

I actually like lulzbot the most unless it’s more then the
$7 000 usd though it will take longer to save up money my bottom line is my perfrence is lulzbot unless you mean high end as in something too expensive to be anywhere to be in lulzbot markets

What I meant is something with out of the box with minimal maintenance as possible or at least as close as possible

As long as the magnets do not rust & are nickel free but otherwise sure I could live with simple magnets as long as it’s no toxic metals I was thinking of a alloy I would love to help you but when I wake up early in the morning my memory & cognitive is not optimal but will check by the next morning I am from Windsor which borders Detroit (but on the Canadian side)
@Wrathernaut what is your time zone range in the calendar so I can work something out

Another thing I would like is a double sided magnetic sheet

I added the Fysetc dual sided magnetic sheet to my personal Taz6, since I do not use high temp frequently. For work, however, the octograb is what I use. If I ever need to do high temp printing at home, I swap print beds to the standard non-magnetic glass and PEI one that originally came with the Taz.

I could do induction at home, but I was using my home machine a bit as a test bed for what I’d do to the work machines, so stuck with the BLTouch.

There is only one thing about the Lulzbot mini 3 instead of a regular hardware is it’s either Ethernet or Wi-Fi which I am on board with until I lose internet honestly not trying to complain but I want the best for lulzbot I will be sure to email this to them