Extended Cables Now LCD Powers Off with Extruder Plugged In

Ok … so I needed to move my control boxes off of the TAZ. I extended the cables on the X,Y,Z axis cables and all is fine. I plug in the Extruder cable (which was not touched) and immediately the LCD looses power. Could I have mucked up something on one of the other leads (they all function properly when tested) when extending them that would cause power off when plugging in extruder? I verified it’s not backwards.


With the printer off and unplugged, disconnect your new X/Y/Z leads from the board. Plug in your extruder/tool head and power the printer back on. If the GLCD remains lit, power down the printer again, and plug in the X-axis. Power on your printer and see if the GLCD remains powered. Repeat for the other two axes. Once you determine if it’s a specific axes, check the continuity and pinout of that harness that you’ve built. The support team can help: LulzBot.com/Support.