Taz 4 Won't Turn On

Last night I was printing a fairly large pieces: essentially a solid block of 4" x 3" x 2". It was supposed to take 9 hours to print and I woke up after about 5 and checked on it and other than a strong smell of plastic it was working fine. I woke up a few hours after that and the printer had stopped working and the screen was off despite the power switch being on. I tried the power switch a few more times and nothing will turn on. I also have a block of plastic that doesn’t want to come off of the print bed. I’m wondering if I overloaded it and not sure what to do next.

Contact support@lulzbot.com or 1-970-377-1111. If you’re not getting any power, it is likely the power supply. We can get another one to you. But call or email first so we can work through it and confirm the issue.



Thanks, I’ve sent an email and called but no answer so far. Strangely when I move the printer bed back and forth along the y axis the screen flashes blue. Thanks for the reply hopefully I hear from them soon.

That’s normal. The motors act as generators when you spin them. Don’t do this too much though or you can burn out your RAMBo!

While you are waiting, you can use a multimeter set to dc volts to measure the output of your power supply if you are so inclined. Otherwise support will get with you shortly i’m sure.

Update on my printer. I contacted the support team and after I confirmed that the light and fan both didn’t turn on in the power supply when it was plugged in, they told me they would send another one. Awesome customer service! I got my power supply a few days later and it’s up and running again.