New Mini LCD not working

I bought a new LCD for my mini, but I cannot get it to work. Here’s what I have done.

  • Checked the board version Mini Rambo 1.3a
  • Flashed to current firmware with LCD checked multiple times using cura 3.6.20 and 3.6.21
  • Removed LCD and tested on another Mini to make sure it’s working
  • Checked continuity on cable ribbons
  • Reversed ribbons

A few things to note, the printer works fine uploads and prints 100%. When the LCD is connected via both ribbon cables, the USB connection does not work. If I unplug one ribbon, it does work and I can connect octoprint.

Any other ideas? I’ve been searching online and can’t get through to support to see if they have any other ideas.

Can you post the link to the the LCD you bought?

That’s odd, if any LCD worked I’d expect it to be that one. I think you already did this when you flashed the new firmware, but you could try resetting the EEPROM. If you have any settings like your Z Offset, be sure to write that down first. Just use these two commands and it will reset the EEPROM…

M502 ; reset! 
M500 ; saved!! 

…then restart your printer.

I can’t connect to the printer when the LCD is plugged into the board.

Is the SD Card plugged into the lcd by any chance?

Yeah, I’ve tried both inserted and not, with the same results.