The best path to dual extrusion

I have to original extruder and a brand new Flexystruder and I would like to mount them both in the new (approved) dual-extruder configuration.

Is this just a question of printing the right parts or will I need extra “vitamins”? It’s hard to work it out from the design files.

The dual extruder mount will work for the original hot end/extruders, but the full-sized stepper motors will lead to a tight fit. You’ll need to print the mounting parts and some of the hardware (screws, heat set inserts, etc).

Don’t forget the extruder cable (for the new hotend, motor, and fan) which Lulzbot doesn’t supply (even though they make them).

This sounds like an opportunity for a kit sale, all the vitamins and wiring to allow the merging of the original extruder plus (either a flex or another original).

I previously asked sales about this and was told there would not be a kit offering.

As such, I just went through earlier today and ordered all but two items needed to build myself both dual extruder versions (minus the hotends and any printed parts). Since I’m printing my own parts (and going to retracting printheads), there is additional value in keeping my existing PLA extruder functional in case I need to work on the dualies. You could always do the same moving only the hotend.

I had to overbuy most components due to being sold in 25/500/100 packs depending on the parts. I’d love to split up some of the multi-packs, so PM me if you’re interested. As soon as I track down these last two items, I should be able to figure out how much a set costs in small quantities.

Those two items are:

Digikey W504-100-ND (really expensive, and I don’t need 100ft – trying to find smaller quanties)
Associated Spring C0240-032-0380-M (appears to be a bad part number, or just nor searchable)

Digikey W504-100-ND (really expensive, and I don’t need 100ft – trying to find smaller quanties)

I bought the shielded cable from McMaster. They sell in 10 foot increments:

Part #8233T32, down at the bottom of the page.

They may also have the spring you are looking for.