Extruder Leaked

I got the bed level yesterday and then today ran the stl file through slic3r.

Set the temperature to 185 (extruder), 60 (bed) and let it heat up. Loaded the gcode and went to work on another project. I returned a little later and … crap. I didn’t check but the last profile had the temperature in slic3r set to 200. The extruder leaked. I turned it off and haven’t touched it since.

Pics are here
IMG_0380 (Small).JPG
IMG_0379 (Small).JPG

Any suggestions how I can clean this up and then reassemble and tighten everything?


There are a couple of things you can do. Set the hot end to heat to 160C and then while warm carefully wipe it off. Make sure to be careful with both the wires and the hot end. To combat leaking when using PLA you can use one of the solutions listed here: https://www.lulzbot.com/?q=support/budaschnozzle-20-pla-solution. If you have any questions or need assistance let us know!

Thanks orias.

In the top photo, there is some black PLA on the threads above the block heater. Should I do anything about that? or just leave it?

I would just leave it. It shouldn’t harm anything. You can wipe it away if desired, just do so carefully.

I’ve found a Q-Tip is a good tool for removing leaks from the middle threads and the top of the heater block.


We are having the PLA leaking issues as well. Orias, from your post, you mention this thread:


I can’t tell the difference in what is being done in option 1 and option 3 with the PFTE tape, it looks like it was applied in the same place in both examples. Can you provide any more detailed instructions on how to accomplish Option 1?


I punched a .020" Teflon washer and that seals the nozzle but when you do that it now backs up PLA on top of the sensor block. My next try will be with Loctite 5770 thread sealer on the 10x1.5 mm threaded tube and the set screw. If I’m lucky that should do the trick and still make it possible to take everything apart easily.

All Budaschnozzles in stock in our warehouses and installed on our TAZ printers have the heater block/threaded extension threading covered with a layer of PTFE tape, similarly to Solution 1.

Generally, if you’re using translucent PLA it needs to be printed at a cooler temperature, usually 5-10C cooler than the matte colors.

The nozzle that came on our TAZ had the PFTE tape on it, we took it apart to verify. We ordered an additional hot end/nozzle (.35mm) last month, and we took it apart (the one that is having the leaking problem), and it did not have the PFTE tape on it. We are printing with the matte filaments and have been using a temp of 175C, which was recommended to us when we were at the Aleph Objects open house just recently.

Was the PTFE on the threaded extension near the heaterblock? We’re using antisieze compound rather than PTFE tape on the nozzle portion of the threaded extension.

Send in an email to Support@LulzBot.com with your order information, the pictures (if you don’t mind) of the hot end and we can start a return in needed.

I just got my printer two weeks ago and it didn’t have Teflon tape or anti seize on it. The threads were bare.

If you encounter leaking just let us know.

Mine leaks with PLA. ABS is fine. I’m going to seal the 10mm thread with Loctite 5770 after I get it cleaned up. Going forward I think that there needs to be a Teflon oring inserted into a machined groove that mates up with the end of the 10mm extension. Either a trepanned groove or oring groove would allow the nozzle to seal up tight to the extension and not against the heater block. Once I get everything apart I’ll measure the parts and see if there is a possible design change that could be made. I hope the 5770 solves the issue first.