PLA leaking around nozzle heater

On a large PLA print, 24 hours, I had PLA leaking out on to the top of the nozzle heater element. It eventually ran around the side and dropped off in a glob onto the print. I ended up with 5 or 6 of these globs on the print. It did not ruin the print in this case, so was more of an annoyance.

Is there a way to fix this? Is there an exploded view of the nozzle that shows how to safely disassemble it? If I can figure out how it comes apart without breaking it, I can try sealing it up with some Teflon tape.

Here’s the cutaway: Was the PLA coming from the off-white PEEK plastic that the threaded extension screws into or from the threading around the heaterblock? A layer of PTFE tape should help.

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Yes, the PLA is leaking out around the plastic seat. I tried to back the piece out while it was in there, but the white plastic piece just spun, so I will eventually tear it down and put the tape on. Right now it is 3 hours into a 13 hour print.

Thanks for the image, that is exactly what I was looking for.

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I had the same problem on my Buda and Taz 4. I took the nozzle out of the extruder housing and then plugged it in with the flange sitting down on the bed to heat it up to 160C. The white plastic piece would just rotate with the heater block before I did that. Once it heated up the heat block rotated right out without issue.

There was PTFE tape on mine already but it looks like it got scrunch up when the heater block was initially screwed on so none of it went in to the heater block threads. I removed the previously installed take with the sharp pick Lulzbot gives you in the tool bag. After wrapping the threads up with about 4 wraps of new tape and carefully screwing it back on to make sure a little bit of the tape went in both the plastic piece and the heater block I haven’t had an issue since.