Extruder Temp does not match set temp, but heats up

I have a very strange issue that does not make any sense to me.

All of the sudden my extruder is not heating to the temp I set it to. When I set the temp to 195, the temperature goes to 210. This is all readout on my LCD, I am not using a temp gauge. So when I set to 195, I see that it gets set to 195, but the temp goes all the way to 210. So I see that the extruder is set to 195, but then I see the temp at 210. This happens when I set the temp via the Taz input, or through Octorpint.

Also, When I set the temp to 190, the temp them goes to 180. It seems that my extruder now only heats to 210 or to 180. I have tried it on three different hot ends, two Buddas and one Hexagon. It was working great until now. I also reloaded the firmware with no joy.

Has anyone seen this before?


I updated my firmware so that I can move my extruder to extruder 2, from 1. I did this to see if it was something specific to the extruder 1 heater port. I moved the extruder heater and temp sensor to their second ports and turned it on. I still have the same behavior.

I set it to 195, I see 195 on the set readout, but the nozzle heats up to 210. The heat is not shutting off when it hits 195.

Is this a Taz 4 or 5? Did you change anything about the soft/firm/hardware recently?

Is this a dual extruder? What is your configuration now?

Need some more info to know what is going wrong.