Extrusion having serious issues.

Hi everyone.

I’ve got a fairly new TAZ 5, and I’ve been running into issues lately where I’ll get partway through a print only to have the filament stop extruding properly and turning several layers into a giant stringy mess. There seems to be no consistency in when this problem occurs, as it has been happening with various files and in different places on the same file on different prints. Sometimes it only lasts for a few layers before the print starts working properly again, and sometimes it just stops extruding at all. I’m not very tech inclined, so I’d really appreciate any ideas.


Need more detailed information. What material are you printing with? What temps. What speeds? What software are you using?

Are you sure your computer isn’t going into sleep or shutdown mode during print?

Can you print the files Lulzbot provided you with on the SD card without any issues?

Printing with PLA at 220 degrees. Print speed 50. Running Printrun. The computer is definitely not going into sleep mode, the printer is still running, and it’s still trying to extrude, it’s just not working properly. I’ve been printing a lot of the same files lately, and it’s been fine sometimes and bad other times, so I’m pretty sure it’s not an issue with the file.