Extrusion Issues/Burning PLA

TAZ Workhorse is suddenly unable to extrude PLA. There is a strong smell of burning
PLA during heating and when it prints the PLA is barely coming out. An alarm went off and I stopped the print. This happened three times. I tried turning on and off/unplug, did a filament change, recalibrated, cleaned nozzle and bed (the PLA was very adhered to the bed). During filament change the PLA came out just fine. Does this sound like a clogged nozzle? Wonder about the burning PLA smell. Pics attached. PLA is Polylite True Black. Thank you.

TRUE BLACK. Thank you.

Burning PLA Smell: Use an external tool to measure the temperature of the nozzle. If the nozzle is at what the printer believes it to be set to then we can rule out the burning of filament as the issue.

Suddenly Unable: Maybe the toolhead is clogged? You should be able to find plenty of resources about cleaning a clogged toolhead, both here on the forums and through other means (web search).

Alarm: Do you have a picture or remember what was displayed on the LCD at this time?

Pics: The first one the filament doesn’t look like its flowing correctly, maybe a clog? The second pic looks like the z offset may be too close to the bed as well as the filament not flowing correctly, clog?

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