EZPi Pro setup and camera recommendations

I am going to be installing the EZPi Pro onto my Lulzbot Taz 5 with dual extruder. I would appreciate any thoughts or concerns any of you may have regarding the process. Also any insight into camera options would be appreciated. Stay healthy and thanks in advance

OctoPi has a list of cameras that have been tested and are known to work located here:

You should be able to use any of those.

I use the official Raspberry Pi color camera on my OctoPis… but these connect via the CSI port on the board. CSI = Camera Serial Interface and it’s a ribbon connector. Some cases have a slot directly above the port to allow camera connection but I noticed the EZPi Pro case doesn’t have a slot. So that option may not be as good for you. (The CSI camera port is faster than using USB).

If you have WiFi strength issues… you might have to consider swapping your metal case for a plastic case. The metal case creates radio shielding and that will end up decreasing your WiFi signal – if you plan to use WiFi instead of wired ethernet.