Is there a fan specific fuse on the Rambo board?

So, I was tinkering in my TAZ, and long story short, the case fan doesn’t spin up. Everything else, including the hot end, heated bed, motors, etc. seem to be working fine, except I get no reading off the case fan pins anymore.

Is there another fuse in there specific to the case fan, or did I do something unfortunate to my rambo board?

I am afraid there is no fuse just for the case fan. You probably blew the F.E.T. driver.

Darn, I was afraid of that. I set the side panel down on top of my computer case which is next to the 3d printer, which happens to have a much larger fan in it right at that point. I’m thinking that fan put out enough air it was forcing rotation on the smaller 3d printer one. Oh well. New controller board time for me I guess.