Filament Arm Pivot Mod

I made a pivot arm mount to position the standard pivoting filament arm, off of the extrusion without the folded arm breaking the plane of the printer frame. The purpose behind doing this was part of a series of small modifications to clear the printer frame of obstructions top facilitate attaching a low profile enclosure. Anyways attached is the stl for printing it, and some pictures of the resulting mount. This mod requires a short M5 flathead bolt, and a M5 nut, in addition to using two M5 T nuts, and two short bolts to mount to the frame.

This thing is also up on thingiverse with the OpenSCAD model (

Certainly a lower profile pivot is possible, if the arm is modified, as well. I might work on that as another option.

Jim Rasmussen
TabSynth Design Works
Filament Arm2V1.stl (194 KB)

Finally got around to just making a proper hinged filament spool arm, which slides onto the aluminum 2020 extrusion. These slide into the extrusion on the outside, and clean up the profile for an enclosure panel. The retain the fold-up feature. Bonus, they can be adjusted by simply sliding them up and down the extrusion, and can be installed or removed without tools. The hinge pivot is a M5 flathead machine screw. These are also up on thingiverse as: with the OpenSCAD file, if anyone wants to modify them. I made a standard length and a short arm version (short arm holds most the standard filament spools).

Jim Rasmussen
TabSynth Design Works LLC
Filament Arm2V1-Short.stl (395 KB)
Filament Arm2V1-Long.stl (396 KB)