TAZ 5 Pivoting Spool Holder

For those like me running a TAZ 5 in a confined space, here’s a spool holder that pivots.
I have limited space inside my poor-man’s enclosure and was just setting the spool next the printer in a cradle I made. This worked, but it seemed like there was more friction in this configuration than when hanging the spool on the factory spool arm.
This holder uses the same hardware (cap screw and nut) as the original holder but pivots to the front to load a spool then swivels to the side for feeding.
I’m using a piece of filament as the hinge pin.
I printed mine with PETG and everything fits nice and snug. All I had to do was ream out the pivot hole before assembling.
If anyone is interested, I can post the Autodesk 123D design and STL files.
Pivoting Spool Holder.jpg

Hi, Looks great. I’d love the source file and STL if you care to post! Thanks