Filament breaking above idler on large prints

I just received my Taz 4 and small prints using PLA having been going pretty well. However, the plastic filament I am using keeps breaking on larger prints where the extruder needs to go near the end of the X+ plane. This is putting too much pressure on the filament and it just snaps. It breaks off right above where it is secured in the idler. The filament guide tube is all the way down on top of the idler…and I have tried multiple positions on the other end. Last thing I tried was to have the other end of the tube as far away from the spool of filament as possible. Thinking that this would allow more slack. This still didn’t work.

Anyone ever run into this issue?

Where did you get that particular roll of filliament from. Filliament is not supposed to be anywhere near that brittle.

Really? Just bought it on amazon. Seemed like just about every filament I looked at had mixed reviews. I’ll order the Lulzbot brand as a comparison then.

There is some total garbage on amazon on ebay. I think I have tried them all. The stuff sells has done really well with my TAZ for quite some time. The “pro” line from has also done really well with my machine. The brand “Jet” I think is kryptonite for the TAZ. That stuff wreaked havoc on my machine. STAY AWAY!!

I will add that my roll of Gizmodorks HIPS is totally worthless. It has no layer adhesion strength. Awful stuff.

I got a some Lulzbot PLA and haven’t had any issues since. So, the filament I bought on amazon was indeed crap.

I got a 3 roll of ABS made by sainsmart sold on amazon was is totally useless. very brittle. would snap even before heading into the tube. Amazon of course refunded me and paid the shipping back Oh yeah and had one nozzle perma clogged by this crap. I assume something forign. Thank god I keep spair nozzles.

Same thing with gizmodorks HIPS from amazon total crap very brittle and rough feeling and the resulting print would literally crumble.

I have great success with filament made by Jet sold on amazon. both their ABS and PLA are great. IC3D ABS PLA and HIPS work great and no issues from amazon.