Problems with GizmoDorks PLA

Hi all-

Does anyone have experience with filament from GizmoDorks? I ordered the stuff from Amazon simply to take advantage of my Prime subscription. I’ve had good success with their PLA in several colors, but I seem to have significant issues with the rose-pink color. I’ve had several failed prints and two nozzle clogs with the only common element being this particular filament. Otherwise, I have had a pretty good track record of success with most other PLA as well as HIPS, PET, and specialty filament from other suppliers. There does seem to be some brittle sections of filament in the spool where it snaps quite easily rather than bends an deforms. Any thoughts or insight would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

I have a roll of of their white that has broke in the guide tube several times. I generally have good results though using their filament. Much better than the esun lulzbot sells.

I wonder if it an issue with a bad lot or just with this particular color then. I have had the snapping issue with the white once as well though.

Yes a local Makerspace had several rolls last year that they had got from Amazon that had plugging issues for them. But they quit using PLA as their members would plug the nozzles due to leaving the extruder on and forgetting it for hours! :astonished:

So I took it and used it, and the roll of White had a short time of breakage, but then worked fine. I also got a roll of red that was fine, but the roll of blue had a number of problems with quality, and 3-5 inch lengths would not melt at all. :confused:

I am thinking the rolls were just old, and not really bad to begin with.

I use a lot of ABS and PLA from Gizmodorks. Here is what i’ve found.

When PLA is left in the feed tube it will snap following a print. Sometimes 30 min later, other times 4 hours later. but it inevitably snaps. When i fed the PLA directly into the extruder without the tube i no longer had any breaking issues. I’ve tried to understand why this occurs and I have read about everything from the PLA reacting with the PTFE Feed tube to the PLA absorbing moisture and becoming brittle… Why this actually happens I have no idea but since I’ve stopped using the Feed tube all of the breaking issues have gone away.

Of the 9 most recent spools of Gizmodorks PLA I’ve used, 2 of them have had binding while feeding into the extruder. Upon closer inspections it seems that somewhere during the winding process some filament was crossed and caused it to bind while feeding. These issues were present in the first two spools I have used and I have not had a single issue since. Of note using IC3D FIlament I have never had any spool related issues but i tend to use gizmodorks due to cost. Spool issues aside Gizmodorks and IC3D Seem comparable in quality.

I Have not had a single hotend Jam as a result of contaminated filament across Gizmodorks PLA or ABS using my E3D V6 hotend. (My first and last roll of Jet PLA Jammed almost instantly while attempting to print. )

Specified filament diameter of 2.85 seems consistent across all spools I have received.

I Have printed with white, blue, green, black, pink, yellow, and grey colors with good success.

-Print temperature seems to be on the higher end (220C) using the fast PLA profile from lulzbot. Heat bed is 90 for the first layer and 70 for subsequent layers using kapton tape.

-For ABS I use 250C hotend with 110 bed initial layer to 90 on subsequent layers for the bed. Again using E3D V6 nozzle and kapton tape with the fast ABS Profile.

Using the above mentioned temperatures I have not had a single piece delaminate between layers with a layer height of .28 on my .4mm nozzle.

yeah the abs from gizmodorks jammed 2 of my extruders and air pockets in the filament. Sent them back for a refund.

I’ve use black, natural, and white and have not had any issues other than snapping if the spool is left stationary and in the extruder for too long. Never had a clog. I find that the filament between the spool and extruder gets pretty brittle even if it doesn’t snap, so before I start a print I usually break off pieces of filament in 2-3cm pieces until I get past the brittle stuff. 10cm of filament is not worth the frustration of a failed print due to breakage. It’s pretty obvious when you get past the bad brittle filament.