Filament for sharp overhangs and bridging

I’ve been away from printing for awhile pursuing other things. I’ve got a part I want to use the printer for which has a lot of overhangs and is going to be a long job.

Just wondering if anything new has come out in the last year or two which is better than ABS for this situation? I’ll be able to do it in ABS but due to length of print and the worst parts being near the end I want to try and minimise the potential for failure. My printer is unenclosed so a cardboard fort will probably be in order for this job.

Also gutted to see the village plastics stuff isn’t available anymore. That filament was brilliant for easy, quality printing and trustworthy tolerances on the diameter along the whole reel. What’s the new stuff in the lulzbot store like in comparison?

You’ve picked a great time to come back. The materials market has changed, and is now using filament designed for 3D printing. Co-polyesters bring the strength of ABS with the stability of PLA. Nylon, like Alloy 910 are a dream to print. Polycarbonate blends now bring you the best of both worlds. Pick your filament for your finish, and your desired print characteristics:

I’ve got a few reels of various nylon grades including the brilliant alloy 910 kicking around, and did try some of the copolyseters before, although I can’t remember what I thought of them.

I managed to do the print successfully on the first* go using the chromo strand(?) stuff you sell. We didn’t get off to a good start:

(*minus this little episode)

But it did a decent job in the end. Preferred village plastics though, the size was more consistent, and it feels a bit harder - this chromo stuff is really easy to dig into with a caliper so I ended up using a mic instead. Why did you drop it?