Filament Guide Tube Restrainer Clip

This is a restrainer clip for TAZ (3) for mounting on the tool head. It holds the nylon tube in place to reduce strain on filament (especially cheaper PLA filaments that like to snap during printing) while the print head is moving…
You do have to drill a hole and install a heat-set insert for it to securely installed on the print head. I used M2.5 insert and 16 mm M2.5 screw on mine.
FilamentGuideTubeRestrainer.STL (132 KB)

Nice mod. I have some standard grade Matterhackers PLA that likes to snap. This will also provide a flat elevated surface to measure from when checking for proper extrusion calibration.

Is it possible that you still have this mod installed and could attach a photo of where you drilled the hole, my filament keeps snapping and I need a way to fix a guide tube to my toolhead, but dont want to go drilling around without knowing what im doing. Thanks!