Filament not extruding

:confused: Hi I just got a taz 5 that someone modified/upgraded.

The wheel that feeds the filament isn’t feeding and I’m not sure how to open it to clean it in case there’s a block. The filament just melts and pops out instead of extruding unless I push it through.

It’d be nice to get the filament in focus. :slight_smile:

You probably need to tighten the idler latch (two thumb screws to the upper left of the extruder) to increase the clamping pressure against the hobbed bolt (attached to large gear next to NEMA motor). This will help the teeth bite into the filament, feeding the filament through the hotend and out the nozzle.

Check to make sure you’re using 3mm filament… 1.75 will work, but you’ll need to screw down the idler more to push the filament against the teeth.