Filament problem!

Can any please tell me what might be going wrong here? It’s only started doing it the last couple of months, it’s using Ice PLA filament on a LulzBot mini 2 and is now doing this regardless of what colour I use.

The first layer is printing with the nozzle too close to the bed. This is often caused by a dirty wiper pad leaving the nozzle dirty after the wipe. Watch the bed when the printer probes the corners. It should not depress the bed corner at all. It should be just a tap. Sometimes it takes a quick swipe of the nozzle with some 1500 grit sandpaper to get the burned on plastic off. Also check each corner washer for small bits of plastic where the nozzle taps. Clean them with green or red scotchbrite.

If the corner taps look good, try cleaning the bed thoroughly and changing the z offset to move the nozzle farther away from the bed on the first layer. If your Z offset is currently -1.20 for example, change it to -1.15 or -1.1 and see what that does to the first layer.