Filament profiles and auto-leveling

So I have my mini and attempted to use a material not on this list:

So I didn’t load a profile, and as a result my mini didn’t auto-calibrate itself first. Which made it attempt to print a few millimeters in the air instead of on the bed.

A) Can we get a generic Cura profile that has the auto-calibration/leveling routine included?

B) Can we get some profiles for more material types? Last night I was attempting to use ColorFabb-XT, so that one in particular would be immediately helpful to be. Later I want to use Bronzefill and/or Copperfill.

C) If I were to adapt an existing profile for these materials, which one should I choose?

Check out these:

Also, on github there will be the very latest development versions:

Also note, we’ve just updated the Cura profiles page:

Thanks for those updates!

Still concerned about my original points A) and C) though:

How do I auto-level if there isn’t an appropriate profile? Is there a generic profile, for example?

Can you make a profile for ColorFabb XT or recommend another one to adapt for it?

This particular material was recommended to me for a specific project I wish to run.

And a new question occurs to me, for the new materials where only one profile exists (like Bronzefill), how do I print it in a higher quality mode? Do I just load the existing profile and adjust the layer height and go, or are there other things that should be adjusted as well?

Edit: The Polycarbonate profile link is broken.


Since different materials vary so widely in the way they print, it’s best to start from the closest material that there’s a profile for and tweak from there.

I haven’t printed with XT yet, but it looks like it prints at about the same temperature as t-glase, so that’d be my recommendation for a place to start. We’ve done some testing with Tritan (also an Eastman copolyester) and it prints a lot like the t-glase, so you should be able to get it dialed in pretty quickly. Our Tritan profile is available in the link Jebba posted but be sure to change the extruder temp, we run that stuff at 280C :sunglasses:

You’re right on here. You can usually get a bit higher quality by slowing down the print speeds, but changing the layer height will make the biggest difference by far. Something to keep in mind is that filled materials like bronzefill tend not to do as well as unfilled plastics at layer heights below about 0.15mm. My guess is that most of the particles are small enough to flow through a 0.35 or 0.5mm nozzle, but don’t pack well in layers that small.

Have fun with that Mini!