Filament Properties Spreadsheet


Took the plunge with 3D printing with the TAZ 6 and purchased on behalf of my company.

The filament choices are pretty amazing. Tried to search here and a couple other places but did not find what I was looking for described below.

Does anyone know of a spreadsheet that lays out all the main properties/parameters/limitations/advantages of filaments in one place in order to make it easier to make informed choices on what filaments are best for which applications? Seems like it would be great if there was a head to head comparison in no particular order:

Processing Temp
Bed Temp
Bed Preparation Needed
Post processing heat resistance
Post processing technique: Glue/sand/paint
Bridge Capability
Glossy or dull finish
Wear resistance–functionality is stress environments
UV stability
Tendency to warp/shrink–enclosure recommended & temperature of enclosure environment
Chemical to dissolve with
What print head is needed for best processing
Odor(s) if any

Found lots of information but just not all in once place so the optimal filament could be selected based on certain compromises for the application.


You can go to

Scroll down to:
Q: Do you have a comparison chart for 3D printer filaments?
A: Yes! Here’s our comparison chart of 3d printer filaments

In the answer is a link to the spreadsheet file.

I don’t know if the following link will work here, but here is a direct link:


Kent, that is great thanks for pointing that out–link does work as a bonus!

I know there is a spreadsheet somewhere put out by lulzbot that has all of their findings for all the branded filaments they’ve tested. I believe there are over 100 filaments on it. It’s been awhile since I’ve looked at it and I’m not sure where it is but I’ve seen it on the site somewhere. Maybe it was on or