Filament Unspooling?

Has anybody had this issue? on my old printer, (solidoodle2), the filament would slide off the side of the spool and then get wrapped around the spool arm and inevitably prevent extrusion. Does this happen with the taz at all? has anyone printed any sort of guard that attaches to the spool so that the filament cant slip over the sides?

Yes, this has happened to me… and for the most part seems to be inevitable since its happened on my other printer also. The unspooling usually happens at the beginning of a new spool. The filament uncoils and overflows from the lip of the spool… and eventually gets tangled up in the spool holder.

I usually unspool a bit at the beginning of a new spool to alleviate any tension from the coiling, then re-roll the filament onto the spool. As long as it stays on the spool it should be okay. I do a lot of my printing unattended through Octoprint, but for new spools I check on it for the first few meters.

As the spool gets used up, I’ll continue to uncoil and loosen up the filament in the spool. This seems to eliminate the sudden release of the spool from filament that’s bound or too tightly wound. The pre-uncoiling procedure seems to produce a more “controlled” unspooling of filament.

Maybe more experieced folks have better tips…