unspooled filament and what to do


I am not sure how to settle my filament reels. Do I print a spool, or just purchase some ext. cord reel hub.
I have a lot of unspooled filament and would like to solve the matter once and for all :slight_smile:

What are your experiences with unspooled filament and how to mount them…


I usually use one of these orange reels

Drill a hole the size of the filliament in the center section, and print the winder bits from here: https://www.alephobjects.com/hardware/spooling_station/

thats great thank you!

is it possible to just use the unspooled piece directly for the printer? Via that tripod holder. Will it unwind normally?

In my experiance, the tripod holder doesn’t work really well for longer duration prints. The filliament can occasionally escape off of it. The orange spools work alot better anyways. I think you could make that one work with some redesign. I have one of those from my AO-10x and I never really used it. It’s in the spare parts box somewhere anyways.