Filament will not feed through

Filament will not feed through. I have cut a point on the end, raised the temperature, applied light pressure to push through, and can not visably see anything blocking the way. When I turn the heat up and feed through I do not believe the filament is getting down far enough to touch the heated area because when I feed it back out the end looks the same as when inserted. Is there a way to check that channel it feeds through without taking it apart?

What printer?

What toolhead?

How far down the toolhead is the filament going before getting stuck?

The most common way for filament to jam in most printheads is when softened filament gets retracted into the cold zone, then the cold filament pushes into it, causing it to expand in place and cool further, causing a swollen blob in the cold zone.

How to fix exactly varies on the toolhead, but usually you remove the heatbreak fan (or disable by unplugging, if possible) set the hotend to the melting temp of what filament is plugged in there, and then gently pushing with a metal rod (which can be a long thin hex wrench, thick paperclip, or specialized tool) down the filament path. You’re forcing heatcreep by doing this, which should soften the jam enough you can push it through. Once you clear the jam, remove the metal rod, turn off the hot end, and then immediately, gently push filament fresh filament through. Don’t push hard. If you force it could cause another jam of softened filament in the cold zone. Let the hot end cool down, re-connect the heatbreak fan, and then test the extruder.

A common reason for this type of jam is a gap between your nozzle and heatbreak where they meet in the heater block. Improper nozzle swaps are the usual reason for the gap.

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I had a similar issue with my single extruder on my Taz 6, it would jam very frequently and then my filament just stopped going through altogether. took it apart and there were no jams anywhere when I took it apart.