First print, filament completely jammed

Not having an awesome out of box experience. My Mini came today. I bought some 3.0mm PLA from Frys. I clipped the end off nice and then loaded it per the instructions. The yellow bit the printer came with pushed out and I saw a nice squiggle of blue. I hit advance 10 a few times in Cura and everything seemed fine. It wiped it’s arse on the little strip, leveled and started to print.

At that point, nothing seemed to really be printing. I stopped the whole thing and tried to Advance 10 again. Nothing. At this point, the filament is completely jammed and will not budge.

All the instructions imply that I should be able to heat it up and pull it out. I don’t seem to be able to do that. The head is getting hot. I’ve tried 210 and 250 degrees but it won’t pull out.


Hopefully you’ve figured it out on your own, given that I’ll be the first reply more than an hour later. Do you have a thermometer(IR would be best)? So you can verify that the hot end is actually getting to 200 or so? I haven’t noticed this with my mini, changing the filament has been smooth and I’ve only had one jam so far, but it may be pretty hard to remove. Just make sure you’ve disengaged the idler pulley and give it a good tug.

It took some doing, but I cleared it. Today I am a man.

(I think the root cause is that the gripper thing wasn’t tight enough and it ground up a bunch of filament and sucked it into the hole. That then clogged).

((Thanks for the reply! I’ll double check it)

Blerg…one good print, then wedged up again. I’m afraid to pull on the filament any harder, but it won’t budge.

Feels to me like there’s a rough spot in the print head feed hole. When I feed it using the retract/extrude buttons, it seems to work. However, when I hit print, it retracts, cools off and then wedges most of the time :frowning:

Wow, I’m sorry you’ve had that kind of luck. I would contact support directly, as they have the technical knowledge to walk you through some more rigorous troubleshooting. It sounds like you’ll need to take some things apart…

For me there is a definite rough spot when inserting the filament, I have to kind of force it past a little spot to get it in line and start squeezing out the nozzle. Just know that your experience is not typical, and I’m sure they’ll get you straightened out. Good luck!

I think it’s this filament. The little yellow HIPS strand included with the printer seems to work fine. Thanks for the replies!