Filament jammed in mini 2

I could use some help on this today. Today I was changing the filament in my mini 2 and after retracting it, I wasn’t able to pull it out. Upon further trying, the filament broke in a way that I can’t grab it. Retracting or extruding doesn’t work as the wheel seems to have ground away at the filament and it won’t move. I’ve tried heating up the end and pushing it through with a small tool, but no luck.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Reach out to the support team at with this image. If you can, look for the end of the filament near the base of the black plastic idler near the hobbed gear. If you can, snap a picture of that and send it into the tech support team. They’ll be able to help guide you in removing that or will help find a solution you’re comfortable with.

I’ve given up on trying to pull filament out of the new Aerostruder toolhead. Many times it catches somewhere, and won’t budge. Instead, I always cut off it off just above the entry point, extrude as far as it goes, and then insert the new filament, and extrude it until all the old filament is pushed out through the nozzle.

What helps if it gets stuck:

  • check the idler pressure. If you make it too tight, it tends to jam because the filament gets pressed too hard against the side of the feeder channel, creating too much friction.
  • increase the toolhead temperature by an extra 40 degrees and wait a while for everything to warm up, then try again
  • sharpen the end of the new filament a bit, to prevent it from getting stuck as you feed it through


I second this answer. I stopped trying to retract my filament, and just follow the advice above. Push it out with the sharp pointy tool they give you or with the new filament. Never try to retract old.