Finding budaschnozzle version

Where I work we have a TAZ purchased…probably sometime last year. I don’t know the exact order date, or where / whether the original paperwork got saved. I’m looking to stock a couple replacement nozzles, but there are currently 3 incompatible series. Is there an easy or reliable way to tell which Budaschnozzle version the printer has?

If your Budaschnozzle has a copper heat sink it’s more than likely a Budaschnozzle 1.x series.

The Budaschnozzle 2.0 has silver aluminum heat sinks.

Thanks! The heatsink is definitely aluminum, with stagger-slotted rings (not unbroken concentric rings).

Thats definitly a 2.x series nozzle then.

None of the Taz’s would have shipepd with a 1.x nozzle.