Where were would I get a lulzbot taz 3 budaschnozzle 1.3 nozzle?

I need a lulzbot taz 3 budaschnozzle 1.3 .35mm nozzle. Where would I be able to get one?

The Taz 3 used the Buddaschnozzle 2.0c by default. THis nozzle should fit it: https://itworks3d.com/product/nozzle-budaschnozzle-2-0-3mm/

THe 1.3 nozzle woould have been present on the earliest AO-100’s. The 2.0c nozzle looks like this: https://itworks3d.com/product/lulzbot-budaschnozzle-hotend-taz-1-4/ with aluminum fins on the barrel. The 1.3 nozzle has a copper dome looking thing there instead.