Replacement nozzles for Taz4 Budaschnozzle

I own a Taz4 with a Budaschnozzle hot end. I’ve never replaced the nozzle, and I suspect it’s now in need of replacing. I contacted Lulbot’s tech support and they were pretty much worthless (was told to go buy a completely new hotend, which will also require a new connector kit, and make my other hot end (a flexystruder) unusable). I was wondering if anyone here:

  1. knows of a replacement nozzle I can use which will fit my budaschnozzle hot end (E3D and Swiss Micro come to mind, and I’ll contact them as well)
  2. have instructions for removing and replacing the nozzle. If it’s just a matter of using two wrenches to remove and then install a nozzle, no problem, but I seem to recall the the hot end needs to be heated up before removing and installing.



One of our re-sellers itworks3d has a good selection of parts available for our older printers.

Here is a link to their Taz 4/5 parts page:

Here is a link to their nozzles page where they have Buda style nozzles at the bottom.

We do not recommend replacing nozzles as the procedure can cause damage to the rest of the hot end, over tightening is very easy to do and will strip the threads on the hot end. If you do want to proceed with the nozzle change I can provide advice, but be aware:

To swap a nozzle you will want to heat the hot end to 185C from cold. Please do not cool it down to 185C as it will not work the same. Then once you reach 185C please turn off the power on the printer.

Then you will need an 18mm open end wrench to hold the hot end with, while you use a 7mm open end wrench to remove the nozzle. (please be careful of the small thermistor wires) If the tool head is mounted on the printer you will be turning the 7mm wrench to the left. Then you can screw the nozzle off.

You will be able to put the nozzle back on as long as the hot end is still warm. Please don’t over tighten the nozzle as it is torqued to 30 in. lbs. (just over snug)

“At Aleph Objects, Inc. we respect your freedom to modify your LulzBot 3D printer. It is important to know that any modifications or attempted repairs that cause accidental or intentional damage are not covered under the Warranty.”

I think the Buda has a 13MM nozzle unlike the 7MM Hexagon one.

Thanks zachah seems to be all out of replacements. Any other recommendations? Our university has 5 TAZ4s that students use several times throughout the semester. I typically rebuild nozzles, but I had two that are irreparable. And would like to have a spare in case a machine goes down during student time.

I would suggest replacing with aero hotend setup or an all metal from the taz 5’s. Eventually buda parts are going to be difficult to find. I can look through my parts bin and see what I got, it would all be used mostly though.

There’s more involved to it. Other hotends require an updated writing harness, which requires re-wiring the harness within the motherboard, and also requires a firmware upgrade. And if you have other hot ends, the new wiring makes them incompatible.

Thanks for the help Zachah. When placing the new nozzle on, do I need anything like teflon tape?



I just checked and it looks like they are back in stock.

You do not want to put tape on the nozzle threads, you want good metal2metal contact. As for tightness they are aluminum nozzles and very soft while heated.