Firmware Synchronization for DIW

I work in a research lab and we’re trying to use a Lulzbot Pro to create a direct ink writing setup. Basically, instead of using the standard toolhead we’re replacing it with a nozzle attached to a pressure controller to extrude “goo”, so the printer is really only for controlling motion and substrate temperature.

To make sure everything lines up right, we need the printer firmware to send the command acknowledge statement “ok…” only after the current motion step is completed. Right now it seems like it sends the acknowledge statement upon receiving the motion commands.

We’re looking through the Marlin-v2. version, and we think we might need to make a change in the queue.cpp/gcode.cpp file and/or include the ok_to_send() or process_next_command() functions somewhere but we’re not sure.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Since nothing about this need is specific to the machine, you’d get a lot more help going to a Marlin-focused community. This board isn’t extremely active, and even less so with people who have any expertise in programming Marlin.

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Thanks! Do you know any such forums I could look into?

From Contributing to Marlin | Marlin Firmware

There are now many community resources for users of Marlin. If you’re looking for help installing or troubleshooting these are the best places to go.

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