Lulzbot & Marlin

Hi I have my own custom built 3D printer (230x230x200mm )with single extruder. The control board on the printer is Ramps 1.4/ Arduino 2560

Previously I was operating my printer from a Linux laptop with Pronterface/Skeinforge and was working well - however as that laptop is old and very slow, I’m forced to move over to my windows laptop for larger prints - (and I’m building a much larger printer soon)

I am testing out Lulzbot software now as it seems to be quite user friendly especially after trying to install Pronterface/Skeinforge on windows and failed, and wasted many hours.

I have a few issues with Lulzbot:

  1. After loading model - and starting print - the print will start without heat - in other words dry print
  2. If I preheat - then print prints OK .
  3. I am using the same Marlin firmware as on Pronterface on my Linux machine, and obviously some of the instructions are being read (like the calibration etc) while others are
    not -
    eg a). Waiting for temperature to hit the required level
    b. The 50mm print line before start of print does not happen (this was to get the flow running consistently)
  4. Wipe nozzle has an error message - what is this button meant to do?
  5. The nozzle dwells before moving to next layer or something - how to get rid of this pause completely?
  6. Starting print and then pausing and then resuming - the printer gets confused and stops and will not resume.

How can I modify my existing marlin firmware to work with Lulzbot software?
Many thanks!

There’s a bit you’ll want to look into before you go diving off into things.

(1,2) Look at the comments in our typical start and end gcode, the comments at the end of each line will describe what that gcode line is supposed to accomplish:

(3) Since you’re rolling your own machine, our standard start/end G-codes may not work for your machine. Setup one specifically for your printer under the Custom menu when adding a new machine.

(4) this option shouldn’t be used.

(5, 6) It’s going to be hard to help you with this if you’re not using our standard, unmodified machine & firmware.

We’d love to see a picture of your 3D printer! What did you base the design on?