Firmware: Uaru? Kanyu? Longfin? wha...?

I’d like to know that I’m using the latest firmware on my Taz 5. I checked the Lulzbot repository and find a bunch of files in the 2016Q2 directory with the same date, but different naming.

What is what? I can’t find a changelog or anything to know what to use.

Any info? Thanks.

The Taz firmware usually only changes when they make a major change to the printer. There is an experemental latest and greatest version of marlin firmware variant in the doftware development forum, but aside from that there is no real need to upgrade the firmware. You aren’t getting bug fixes or additional features by doing so like you would with a computer firmware upgrade in this case.

I think Cura pulls the latest hex compiled hex… If not you can compile your own from the repository.

Here is a document which describes the tool head naming

That is right kcchen_0, each release of Cura LulzBot Edition includes the current firmware at the time. Be sure to select your printer and tool head, then click ‘install default firmware’