How do you know you have the current firmware on your TAZ5?

I just upgraded CURA to 18.04 and I was wondering what the current firmware version is. I have I believe Marlin 2015Q3 on my TAZ5. Is this current? Also how do you go about updating it through CURA. I didn’t see any commands to upgrade firmware.

Thanks in advance.


As far as i know you get a message in cura if there is a new fw. But there is no newer official fw for the taz 5.
If you really want to, you can have a look into my signature. I modified marlin rc4 for the taz.

To install firmware from Cura:

  • Go to the “Machine” tab
    Click on “Install custom firmware…”

There was a problem with the Windows version of Cura 18.04 - apparently related to crashing during long print jobs. They were recommending Windows users go back to 18.03 until it is resolved. They did release 18.05, but at least one user is still having problems with that.

Thanks for the info John.

THere is a thread on here somewhere about it.