Cura says there's a new firmware but is an older one

according to this page the lastest taz 5 firmware for stock extruder 0.5 is Marlin_TAZ5_SingleExtruder_2.0.0.88.
Actually I have Marlin_TAZ5_SingleExtruder_2.0.0.86 installed a couple of das ago (when it was the lastest fw available). I usually use octoprint for regular printing, but if I connect my printer to CURA Lulzbot edition 3.2.32 it says that there’s a new firmware available (even when was the newer one). If I perform the auto update from CURA it flashes the firmware. The release date of this version is 2018-10-29 and it’s way older than release date.

Am I missing something?
Can I use the newer firmwares and ignore the update messase in CURA or is it better to stay with the older firmware notified in CURA?

Thank you in advance

I just realized that I posted on the wrong section, unfortunately I can’t delete the post and post it again on the right place, sorry

You are pulling development firmware from Cura is going to give you the latest released firmware.

Thank you, for your answer. In that case I think I’ll roll back to the suggested fw from cura. It should be the most stable one I think, right?