Firmware Update on Taz 6 / aerostruder results in no boot screen and no usb comms

Hello. I just updated my lulzbot taz 6 firmware to run with my new aerostruder. I followed the same process I have done before with my dualstruder and flexstruder. But this time the screen froze. The cura update claimed usb communications failed. I waited an hour hoping the process would return but it did not.

I power cycled the Taz 6 and now I don’t get the marlin boot screen. The lcd is blank. I plug in the usb and cura claims there is no communication eith the taz 6.

Os it bricked?

Have you tried a different cable?

I have used this cable before. Also, wouldn’t the screen still appear with the standard ‘Marlin vX.XX.XX’?

This sounds like it may be a blown fuse. There are three removable fuses on your RAMBo board:

F4: Automotive-style 15AMP ATO fuse - supplies heated bed F3: Surface mount NANO2 fuse - supplies logic, heat, and fans F2: Surface mount NANO2 fuse - supplies motors


You can check if the F3 fuse is the root of this issue by switching it and the F2 fuses position on the RAMBo. To do this first make sure the power button is in the OFF position, and then disconnect the power cord from the printer.

Next remove the side panel of the TAZ 6 control box so we can get to the RAMBo board, there are 14x 2mm allen head screws along the edges of the side panel. Take steps to ground yourself while working on the board to avoid shocking it.

The F3 fuse is what we suspect is blown, because it supplies logic for the machine. We’re going to swap it with the identical F2 fuse, which corresponds to the motors. First remove the F3 and F2 fuses, tweezers work well for removing these fuses from their tan colored mounts. Make sure to pay attention to which fuse is which. With the F2 fuse now in the F3 slot, and vice versa, please close the control box and plug the printer back in.

Attempt to turn the printer on, and if the printer turns on and the LCD display responds, we know the RAMBo is in working order. Keep in mind you will not be able to use the printer in this state, as your motors fuse is now the “bad” fuse.

If this indicates that the fuse was the issue, then replacements can be purchased here:

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So I resolved the issue based off of an old forum for RAMPS, the namesake of the RAMBO board.

It was not fuses. That was the path that tech support sent me down as well. The key clues is that both the light switch was illuminated and the fan was spinning on the print head. Power was going theough both fuses just fine.

No, the issue with the blank screen came from an interrupted reprogramming of the firmware. I needed to reprogram the firmware but for some reason the RAMPS architecture and subsequently the RAMBO board will not come up to a state where you can immediately reprogram the board.

What you have to do is remove and plug the usb cable back in. Try flashing through Cura again. Ot was on my second attempt that the RAMBO board took it. What was weird is that I could see the LEDs on the board blinking when attempting to flash the firmware but it would not take.

But hey, I am back up and running.

I just had this issue, and was about to order a new rambo. I’m glad i found this post, because it looks like I in fact did have a blown fuse at the F3 slot. I just ordered some new fuses so I hope this will solve my problems, at least my screen turns on now, which is more than I can say from before.