Taz 3 - Suddenly stopped working

My Taz 3 has suddenly stopped working. I was getting ready for a print and extruding some filament to get rid of the HIPS in the nozzle as I was going to be using PLA.

I heard a sudden click noise and the controller screen went blank (though the blue backlight was still on).

When I turn the Taz on, the extruder fan runs (I have upgraded it with a hexagon hot end), but I can’t connect over USB and the controller screen stays a solid blue with no text.

I’ve checked all 3 fuses and they are ok.

Any ideas? Did I kill my RamBo board by simply extruding filament?!!!

Hmm, if the fuses are ok, thats not a good sign. Chances are this is a hardware failure. it possibly could be the power supply working, but undervolting. Or it could be a capacitor on the rambo board exploded. You might also try disconnecting the LCD module and seeing if you can connect via USB at that point just to rule it out as a problem.

I had a spare RamBo board and swapped it in and all is working again. Now to figure out how to bench test a RamBo board.

I tried connecting via USB and that definitely didn’t work.

A pop on a rambo board would most likely be a capacitor, or a mosfet. Either way you should see a physical sign of damage, or possibly a missing component. You also might be covered under the Ultimachine Rambo warranty even if the Taz one has expired. E-mail them with the board serial number and you might be in luck.