Lulzbot taz 6 workhorse - school setting

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i was recently directed by a coworker to attempt to update the printer irmware.

when I did the printer display screen completely died. as in blue screen of death.
now I have NO ability to control the machine, I have attempted to plug the machine into a computer and run from the pc, however for some reason the printer does NOT connect via usb.

working with 120 anxious 7th graders… hoping someone out there can help.
please what am I doing wrong?

Well, there is no such thing as a Taz 6 Workhorse, so if you flashed workhorse firmware onto a Taz 6, or vice versa, it could be an issue with not being able to connect. How did you load the firmware?

They both use the rambo board, so I’m sure you can load the wrong firmware if you force it.