Being unhappy with most results after fiddling around so much to optimize everything as good as possible i want to upgrade the printers firmware and see if anything might change for the better.


In my TEST/ACCEPTANCE RECORD i found following settings:

X 100.5 steps
Y 100.5 steps
Z 800 steps
E0 828 steps

I follwed the instructions here:
and changed the E0 value for the extruder accordingly and saved the file.

Opening the Marlin.ino also works but the next step gives me an error. First it told me to select the MEGA 2560 board, which i did, then it told me u8g_fntpgm_uint8_t does not name a type.

I think there is a glitch in the code. Please help me solve the upgrade problem.

The TAZ 3 firmware is only meant for 24V powered TAZ 3D printers. There’s no real reason to reflash the board, unless you’ve changed from a 12v to a 24v power supply.

The errors you are encountering are due to missing u8g libraries. They should be in the Arduino addon folder in the same archive.

Before you continue with anything, what printer do you have?