TAZ 3 firmware update


according to this page : https://www.lulzbot.com/support/re-flashing-your-3d-printers-firmware, the newest firmware for the TAZ3 is the same as for the TAZ3.1.

I just want to be sure before doing something stupid.


you should be good with that one. The only major difference in firmware from the 3 to the 4 was the z steps changes to accommodate the Z axis going from threaded rods to the leadscrew. Either way, you will want to make sure you edit the firmware before you compile it to transfer your old extruder e-steps value since they tend to vary a bit from one extruder to the next.

ok, thanks for your reply

A question>

do we need to update firmware for TAZ3.1 ?
Is it important?

thank you

A firmware update is basically changing the operating software of the chips on the actual Rambo controller itself to use newer and updated code. For example, the older Taz firmware from version 1 didn’t have the full LCD support baked in, etc. If your printer is working fine, and you haven’t changed anything hardwarewise, you don’t need to update firmware. That being said, sometimes updatiung firmware can fix issues.

It is also possible to render your printer unusable during a bad firmware update. For example, if you lose power to the controller during such an update, it will no longer work and you may need to buy a new one. So only upgrade the firmware if you fully understand the process and are willing to risk it going wrong. It’s not a hugly complicated process, and i’ve seen very few go badly, but it can happen.

ALl that said, both my printers are on the latest and greatest firmware as it is released.

If you’re using a stock TAZ 3 you’re not missing anything from the TAZ 3.1. Do not try to run the TAZ 4 firmware, as the motion settings for the Z axis is different due to the different lead screw used.

I am using Taz 3.1

thank you

Hi, I updated my marlin fimware successfully but when I open Pronterface it still says Marlin 1.0.0
Shouldn’t it be 1.0.5 now?

I have a TAZ 3.1 and have used this ohai kit to update-

The firmware compilation date is the better judge of whether the firmware was correctly loaded to the board. It should reflect the day that the firmware was flashed to the board.