Taz 4 Firmware upgrade (aka flashing?)

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

I have a question(s). I’m trying to update my Taz 4 to the 2014Q3 firmware. I’m completely lost when it comes to software/firmware issues. I’m really frustrated!

Before I was using Windows 7 laptop with Slic3r and Pronterface connect via USB. I’ve had to trick my printer the past couple of months into getting to target temperature. Before, I’d set my print bed to 115, it only gets to 113 and then it sits there, mocking me. The extruder always hit target, so no issue. The bed, not so grumbles. So I pre-heat the bed to 117 to get to 115…ARGH! Though, I got all my prints to run (beautifully I may add).

I’m testing out an enclosure for my Taz 4, and my printer has been idle for a bit as I can’t print in my poorly ventilated apartment in the winter time. I hooked my Taz up to my workstation that has Windows 8 and decided to try the Lulzbot Cura edition. Adjustment to Cura aside, my printer is now sitting at -1 degree to target (both on the bed and the extruder), once again mocking me, and with, Cura my pre-heat trick isn’t working, hence why I’m trying to Flash the firmware to try and finally fix this issue.

I can’t seem to find an “How To” to flash the firmware, and I’m paranoid or messing up my printer. And I know there are people on here much more experienced and smarter than me when it comes to this :smiley:

Do I need to install it onto the SD card and feed it to the printer that way? Or should I do it through my workstation/ can it be done through my workstation? Smarter people, HELP, please!!!

Quick update Followed the Ohai-Kit tutorial and I’m still getting the 2014Q2 firmware when the Lulzbot Printer powers on. Not sure what I’m doing wrong :frowning: Print head and Bed ambient temps are 2 degrees off of each other (EX: 23 Bed: 25)

I got it sorted. Had to do some trickery with some of the Arduino goodies, and make sure i had the correct port set. Also switched back to my Windows 7 environment. COuld have been a couple factors, but I got it!

Glad you got it sorted!

was the upgrade worth it? im on the fence whether i Need to upgrade or just stick with current.
have you noticed anything different?