First benchy almost good :)

Hey everyone im pretty new to 3d printing
i printed my first benchy on the taz 6 and got not bad results.
the most noticeable defect is this speckled side
any ideas on how to fix this ?

thanks in advance

What were your print settings?

Basic polylite pla settings at 100% infill set to high detail but i slowed down the print speeds to 25.

Also not seen in the pic… the text on the bottom was kinda smooshed I assume my initial layer was to thick for the text. But just a guess

Wow, 100% infill and 25 IPM? How long did that take to print!?

Do you know what your wall thickness was set to? My first guess is that you had a thin wall (maybe only one line width), and the weird pattern is basically the infill “warping” the wall.