First print issues/questions


I am brand new to the Lulzbot community.

After bed leveling and doing some calibration I decided to print the octopus.

I have a feeling the issues were mostly related to the speed I used to print and the z height increments.
It appeared to be moving very fast…

PLA filament

3000 mm/min
Z: 200

Anyways I’d love some insight into what went wrong.

Looks to me like your infill was too low. Speed was maybe a bit high for a first print, but nothing outside the capabilitues of the machine or even out of the ordenary, that translates to about 50mm per second. Z movement speed only occurs on layer change so other than that slowing you down if that’s still mm per minute it wouldn’t have hurt. I know ABS plastic better than PLA, but PLA extrusion issues can also be caused by temperature variances from where you should be printing it. For a first print though that’s actually a really good job! someday I’ll have to post a picture of the poor mutated dump truck I tried printing for my first print, though in fairness to me some of that issues was a broken item on the machine at that time.

Welcome to the forum!

I did see some people who use a fan to cool the pla while its being extruded.
What is the fan doing? Is it cooling the extruded plastic, or making sure the extruder doesn’t overheat?

Would it have helped to have a fan?

I also ordered some ABS so I will give that a go once it arrives.

Since I didn’t get much of a response.

Here are the after photos when using a fan which is directed via a fan shroud onto the extruder.

It is a HUGE difference.

Looks nice, thanks for the pics.