settings for best detail

Hello everyone, i have one more beginner question, i have the Lulzbot a0-101 and when i print the octo file, it almost seems as it it extrudes too much abs plastic in corners, what type of setting should i use as far as extruding and speed for best detail results? i have adjusted the Z a bit so i can just fit a paper between the nozzle and the glass, but i think my speed or something is not right, any help will be appretiated, thank you!

Are you using the slic3r settings files provided by Lulzbot? Also did you measure your filament in several places, get the average size and input that number into the slic3r?

for the most part I keep the setting as they are, the only thing I change is the filament diameter from 3 mm to 2.89mm and I raised the Z axis so the nozzle is a bit off the glass, only enough to fit a piece of paper in between them and its a tight fit as well

and yes I am using slic3r and when I download the files from thingiverse I open it in slic3r and change the temperature to 230 on the heater and 110 on the bed and then I export as g code

You can try to see if your extruder isn’t calibrated right. To do this you put two marks on the filament at a known distance, like 30mm apart starting at the top of the extruder, heat up the hot end, extrude 30mm of filament and the second line should be at the top, same spot the 1st line was. If it isn’t then your extruder steps are out and not to be adjusted in the firmware or you can just drop the extrusion multiplier slightly.

Also if the extruder is pulling the right amount of filament you can try lowering the temp to 225, not all ABS need to be used at 230, some may even go to 235 or down to 220.

If you want to turn the computer off or use it for something that requires a lot of resources it is better to use the SD card print option.

Post your slicing configuration file here, so we can see how you are slicing things. Are you using a stock AO-101 with the 0.5mm nozzle?