Life Size T-Rex Skull

Hi all!

Just got my first FDM printer, Taz 6 and am loving it so far. Took me a while to get used it as I came from a DLP system. Now that I have some of the settings under control I’m going from broke and printing a project I’ve been working on for 3 years on and off.

Life size T-Rex Skull.

Here is a pic of the 3D Model:

And here is the first layer:

I’m calculating about 30kg of filament and it’s taken almost 20 days of solid printing to print what I’ve printed so far… no end in sight. I think I was a bit ambitious for my first print…but what the hell!

I’ll post my progress here but hope you all enjoy!

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Nice, my nephew wants one of those too now.

That looks very very cool and I’m impressed that you’re going for it! Ambitious might be an understatement but that is certainly a good thing. As someone just getting started I can only hope to put in the time and dedication you have. I look forward to seeing some more of your updates.

What a wimp! Start with something big! be hardcore! :wink:

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It’s all printed and assembled now less the teeth which I’m working on. The plan is to post process it and make a mold then cast a few resin copies of it.
Parts were welded together using 2 methods 1. with a 3Doodler and the same filament used to print. 2. With a soldering iron with adjustable temp setting and flat tip.

Hope you like and thanks for the comments!


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Time to print the rest of it now. I’d start with the arms!

Nice skull! Did you polish it?

@Mulanzo - I’m interested in printing this same thing - wanted one forever. I’m new to the 3d print world - any chance you’d share the file with the pieces broken up? I’m still learning how to cut files. Thanks - it looks fantastic!

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@Mulanzo Amazing work! If you are willing to share the .stl I would love to try as well!